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health crisis

Due to a health crisis I will be unable to post to this blog for at least a few months.

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health crisis

Due to a health crisis I will be unable to post to this blog for at least a few months.

anger group

Once  a week I facilitate an anger management group. I use a variety of handouts and activities to have a process-oriented group interaction. One of the hand-outs I use is below. I use it in 1 of 2 ways. I have folks fill it out first and then we discuss or we go through it together and discuss. We explore as a group, learning from each other.

ANGER WORDS anger                            disgust                         grumpiness                   rage aggravation                   dislike                           hate                              resentment agitation                       envy                             hostility                         revulsion annoyance                    exasperation                 irritation                         scorn bitterness                      ferocity                         jealousy                        spite contempt                      frustration                     loathing                         torment cruelty                   …

Dance/Movement Therapy & Autism: Dances of Relationship


You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you odd. Flannery O’Connor

Yoga & Depression

Anyone who has suffered from depression understands how deep, abiding sadness or worthlessness can infiltrate and affect every aspect of our being. Our psychological makeup, physical health, mental outlook, and even our ability to interact with friends and family and be present to the world around us can get shaken to their core. Why? Because we identify with and attach ourselves to things that will
inevitably change. As our feelings and other symptoms of depression persist, we have an increasingly difficult time imagining a life in which we break free from their spell and avoid “becoming” them.

Yoga teaches us that we aren’t our feelings or our symptoms but live in multidimensional relationship with them. One way to grasp this paradox is to picture the Self (purusha or pure, undifferentiated awareness) as pervading all nine interlocking and interdependent spheres of influence without being any one of them. See More here.…

Psychiatry's ID Problem

I have lost count of the times that clients have told me that they were prescribed anti-depressants and/or benzos and their prescriber never once mentioned therapy as an alternative or in conjunction with the use of meds. I came across this opinion piece and have personally heard more than a few psychiatrist’s echo the sentiments. :
First, psychotherapy has been shown in scores of well-controlled clinical trials to be as effective as psychotropic medication for very common psychiatric illnesses like major depression and anxiety disorders; second, a majority of Americans clearly prefer psychotherapy to taking medication. For example, in a meta-analysis of 34 studies, Dr. R. Kathryn McHugh at McLean Hospital found that patients were three times more likely to want psychotherapy than psychotropic drugs.
Finally, many of our patients have histories of trauma, sexual abuse, the stress of poverty or deprivation. There is obviously no quick biological fix for these complex pr…